Janurary 4th

The awkward moment between your birth and your death.

Janurary 3rd

2012 is the first year without Harry Potter.

Janurary 2nd

My internet keeps shutting down..my neighbors must have forgotten to pay the bill.

Janurary 1st

Just because one number in the date changes doesn’t mean you do.


Ahh Yeaah!


Not all boys are, you have to be put on the list. Theres only a couple on my list.

They lie, break promises, are assholes, cocky, and don’t care when they say they do.

What really bugs me and somebody else i talked to is when they move on and find a new girl, and use the same songs, sayings, make the same promises, give the same presents and so onn. Like really theres a million love songs out there, use a different one. Same with quotes and giftss. If you make a promise to do with youre girl, and dont go through with itt, dont make that same promise to the next girl.

Love sucks, k bye.

jake ringer is amazing.

everyone loves jake. hes so amazing. i wanna marry him:)